Tipus Mosque, Sultanpet

Tipus Mosque, Sultanpet

INTACHBangalore Chapter

Some Voting categories

Donor Membership open to individuals, private and public firms with a contribution or Rs. 2,00,000 or more. For Government bodies, it is Rs. 10 lakhs.

Individual Life Membership involves a one time fee of Rs. 5000.

Institutional Membership is available for any registered Trust or Society, at Rs. 10,000 valid for 10 years.

Some Non-voting categories

Associate Life membership for a one time fee of Rs.1000.

Associate membership for a one time admission fee of Rs. 600 renewable each year for an annual fee of Rs. 100

Students below 25 years can avail of Student Membership with a subscription of Rs. 100, valid for 5 years.

For a complete list of member categories and to download a membership form, please go to www.intach.org and select the Join INTACH - Become a Member link.


Why Join INTACH?  ...Because heritage once lost is lost forever.

We need to protect our cultural legacy from further destruction not only because it gives us our identity, diversity and distinctiveness, but also because preserving heritage makes economic sense.

In the past one hundred years more historic monuments have been destroyed, more artifacts stolen, and more oral traditions lost forever than in all the years our civilization has been in existence. Every day, somewhere in the country, a historic building is pulled down in the name of progress. Others are damaged by flagrant vandalism or allowed to decay and fall.

You as a citizen of India have the right and the duty to put an end to this senseless destruction. You have the right to voice your concern and a responsibility to protect your environment and your heritage.

INTACH invites you as an Indian, to join the fight for conserving India's heritage. You don't have to be an architect, archaeologist or historian to join INTACH. You just have to care enough for India's heritage. See how you can join here. LINK to the membership question in FAQ

Individuals, institutions (including University Departments) and public or private companies can choose between voting and non-voting categories. Members with voting rights use their vote to elect the Chairperson and the Governing Council of INTACH through a postal ballot.