Portraits of Bangalore, a set of postcards

Portraits of Bangalore, a set of postcards

Postcard: Vineeth K Bhat

Photo: Arul Jegadish

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a chaukabara board

Photo: Meera Iyer

A chaukabura board

Portraits of Bangalore postcards

'Portraits of Bangalore' postcards (click to enlarge)

A routine meeting, a stray remark by the then Heritage Commissioner of Karnataka, to our late Convenor Ms HR Pratibha of reviving and popularizing traditional games amongst school children, brainstorming by INTACH members, and a visit to Chennapatna craftsman Syed Ameer-ud-din's workshop, all conspired to get this project off the ground.

The three board games that made the final cut:

Aadu Huli (Tigers and goats) is a hunt game that pits a group of seemingly lowly goats against the might of the tigers in an exciting test of the players' guile and strategy skills

Chaukabara is a fast-paced race game that is dependent on the players' skill and luck from the throw of cowrie shells or split tamarind seeds

Navakankari (Nine Men's Morris), a game that is at least 3500 years old, is a challenging two-player strategy game where each player tries to remove the opponent's nine coins from the board through some carefully thought out moves.

City souvenirs - postcards

On World Heritage Day 2009, INTACH Bangalore, together with Bangalore Weekend Shoots, released Portraits of Bangalore - two sets of 8 postcards that showcase the natural and architectural heritage of Bangalore, as seen through the eyes of some truly gifted amateur photographers. These are available at large booksellers and also through the Chapter. The response has been encouraging and future plans include a set of sketches of Bangalore's heritage assets.


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