Silk Cotton Tree, Lalbagh

Silk Cotton Tree, Lalbagh

Photo: Meera Iyer

INTACHBangalore Chapter

We've launched a series of short courses and workshops for those who want to go deeper into Bangalore’s multi-cultural history and heritage.

Introduction to iconography

We kicked off our workshop series with an Introduction to Iconography workshop in November 2013, celebrating Heritage Week. This two day course introduced participants to the symbols and themes and their identification and interpretation within a Hindu temple’s complex visual imagery. The 2-day workshop, led by Lathashree Kolla, introduced participants to the elements of iconography, some of the classical Sanskrit texts that deal with iconography, the evolution of iconography, historical conditions and so on. On the second day, people had a chance to put into practice what they had learnt at the Ulsoor Someshwara temple and at the museum.

Introduction to Archaeology

Our second workshop took us deep into the prehistoric past as Dr Smriti Haricharan, from the National Institute of Advanced Studies led a workshop, Introduction to archaeology and megaliths. Dr Haricharan took us through an entertaining first day demystifying archaeology and giving us an introduction to the Iron Age period in south India for us. The second day was spent at a prehistoric site near Bangalore.